The Economy of Costa Rica

Currently there are divided opinions about Costa Rica’s current economic strength. Looking at the situation positively there is a large source of highly educated workers available, located in a country that has invested heavily in its education, its housing and its health industry. On the negative side these huge investments have created big debts for the country to bear. It is currently debating major fiscal reform, as it has some of the biggest debts in Central and Southern America. Prior to the global down turn in 2009 Costa Rica was…

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Costa Rica’s History and Its Colonial Past

In a region of political instability Costa Rica has demonstrated over the years a stable economy and the turbulence that often effects the other regions of Central America has fortunately avoided this country. Costa Rica translated from Spanish means rich coast and it was the Spanish who first colonized the country in the 16th century. Prior to this date it was inhabited by the indigenous people. It was for a short period part of the “First Mexican Empire” but gained its independence in 1847. After a brief civil war, it…

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The Physical Geography of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America with coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It is virtually in the centre of the continent sandwiched between Nicaragua to the North and Panama to the South. It has a land area of 19,714 square miles. The country is 180 miles long and at its narrowest point it is only 75 miles wide. In terms of size it is ranked the 129th largest country in the world and is similar in size to…

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