Costa Rica: A Tricky Corner of the Gods

Costa Rica

The amazing beauty of Costa Rica attracts many tourists from all over the world who want to see with their own eyes the unique nature that many people have been talk about. And indeed, the beaches here are worth a postcard, the tropical forests take you to the Narnia Chronicle and Avatar movies. Brightly colored birds and iguanas can be seen everywhere, and the mood in bohemian towns is always a ton above the passionate Latin music that is playing everywhere. But not everything is gold that shines from afar.

Little Town with a Divine Beach

One of such town where music is never silent might be Tamarindo. It is suited not so far from Nicaragua, so almost everyone who is traveling up or down through Central America comes here. The main “weapon” of Tamarindo is a beautiful beach. It is a magnet that attracts those who like to just sunbathe and those who never get tired of surfing. Lots of action takes place here from morning to evening, but you can always find a place to relax somewhere under the palm tree. Plenty of boats offer a voyage to the Pacific Ocean, admire the coastline, diving, fishing or just to admire the sun before it disappears in the waves because the sunsets here are exceptionally elegant. All the locals with children and dogs gather to the beach every night to watch the sunset. It is like a ritual of tranquility for the whole town before the roaring night fun.

Little Town with a Divine Beach
Little Town with a Divine Beach

Roads Will Eat Your Time

Generally, Costa Rica is one of the most visited countries in the region, as a result it has another side to its beauty: exceptionally high prices. Services, food, transport, little business are in silent agreement to take every cent from a tourist. For example, the price for a 50 km bus ride can be about $60, and a small coffee with very ordinary sandwich cost $15-20.

Another story happens with the prices to rent a car while the biggest challenge here are the roads. Do not blet to be fooled, Costa Rica is not very big country but has mountains, the quality of roads is exceptionally bad, most of the local transport is still relatively underdeveloped, and even when you drive a car, sometimes you can cover a few kilometers in a few hours. So, keep that in mind when you will plan your excursions and do not plan too many visiting for one day because as in every Latin country, nothing is for guaranteed here.

Green Mountain Spells

One more magical places of Costa Rica is the town of Monteverde. High up in the mountains, a small town called Green Mountain offers such a panorama on the way that makes speechless both travelers and their cameras. Finally, when you reach the top of the mountain, only a few manifestations of civilization will meet you. Everything you see around is spectacular tropical forests where you can walk for days. Just take on one of the many equipped trails through the tropical forest or go on a night hike to watch the strangest animals, take a tour to watch the birds, or fly with a rope between the mountain gaps. Take some warmer clothes, rain protection, and climbing shoes before