Costa Rican Wildlife

Amazing Animals Native to the Country

Thanks to the incredibly rich rainforests, fertile volcanic ground and variation in landscape and habitat, Costa Rica is home to thousands of different species of flora and Fauna. This hub of biodiversity is teeming with life on every front, which makes it perfect for anyone eager to spot a creature they’ve never been close to before. The sheer mix of animals here from minibeasts to large predators is startling and you can clearly see how alive community within the forests are all on their own. Though man has moved into the area, luckily many places still remain largely untouched by human hands and therefore preserve the natural environment that has grown here for millennia. If you find yourself here and are a lover of animals, be sure to keep an eye out for these particular ones on your travels.


This loveable boar-like creature with a long snout is known to be seen wandering around the forest floor. You can find them moving their trunk around the ground looking for food, as they often snack on fallen fruits and leaves. They are a particular favourite of travelers as their nature tends to be calm.

Three-toed Sloth

The sloth has become ever popular in recent years thanks to their hilarious expressions and seemingly relaxed demeanors. Spending most of their time up in the branches suspended upside down, sloths are usually spotted when they make their regular descent down for a toilet break. If you are dying to see one of these hilarious looking creatures you can jump on a sloth tour or head to the sloth sanctuary.

White-faced Capuchin

The Capuchin monkey has been a well loved breed for a while thanks to many domesticated versions being trained to perform in film and TV. Notably the incredibly popular sitcom Friends featured a recurring character called Marcel who was in fact a white faced Capuchin. Ever since then people have dreamed about having their own fluffy little monkey pal who sits on heir shoulder and keeps them company. Though Costa Rica can’t exactly promise this, you may well be able to spy some of these delightful creatures up in the trees.


These members of the raccoon family are just as resourceful as their cousins and can be found all over Costa Rica. Having learned to associate humans with food they are known to creep into urban areas but many of them, often in packs, can be seen searching the leaves on the ground for sustenance. Though some more of them that live amongst humans can be friendly its always wise to keep a distance from these fellows as though their calls may be adorable their bite isn’t.

Rhinoceros Beetle

This thing is huge. If you aren’t a fan of bugs or big ones then you may want to plan a trip elsewhere because this behemoth of the insect world is instant heart attack material. Though they may look like tiny armoured aliens, these things casually forage the underbrush for food using their hulking size and large horn to gain advantage over competitors.