Explore Costa Rica Like A Pro: Travelling Tips

Costa Rica

Small, tropical, and incredibly beautiful Costa Rica is one of the top destinations in Central America and can amaze every traveler with its biodiversity, culture, and abundance of entertainment. The tropical heat, white sand beaches of the Caribbean Sea coastline, and the long history of the country are just a few things you need for your next vacation. However, Costa Rica is not a cheap country, and locals tend to foolish unprepared tourists. As a result, you should keep a few simple tips in your mind to avoid any unpleasant situations and save some money.

Smart Budget

Costa Rica is an extremely popular destination among American tourists, as a result, the prices are not very friendly. If you are trying to keep your costs low, then it is recommended to avoid the mainstream large group tours. Do your homework and read about the most popular places before coming. You can prepare your own tours and enjoy wondering, exploring, or even being lost.

The selection of accommodation is wide, so you can choose from luxury hotels to little rooms at granny’s house. The selections and prices depend on a particular location. Here you can stay at hotels of well-known brands, but they are extremely expensive. The best option is to rent a room at little B&B style hotels or take the whole apartment from Airbnb because choosing sites that are not on everybody’s list is really going to help you save money with your accommodation.

Always be prepared to pay for some unnecessary services and have cash. It is very common to set up a small business here and you cannot avoid them. For example, you are going to visit one of the hundreds of waterfalls and there is a parking place in the middle of the jungle. Only two choices are left: either you pay a few dollars for parking, or you go back to the hotel.


Going out for eating is also an expensive activity here because a 10% service tip and a 13% tax are always included in a bill. This is a national law, so even small restaurants are going to charge you quite a lot. The good thing is you do not have to leave more tips. However, a place for dinner might be chosen wisely, so try to eat at some small and local restaurants. 


Costa Rica is very close to the equator and it has the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season lasts from May until December and it is raining pretty much every single day during this time. It does not mean that it is raining 24 hours, but it is not very pleasant. October is the rainiest month. However, it is a tropical country and there are tropical storms during the dry season as well. The weather is always wet because of humidity, so wear clothes that breathe well like linens. Also, prepare some clothes that dry quickly and do not forget to have a raincoat with you because the weather forecasts here are the same accurate as some horoscopes. Do not believe them!