Top Costa Rican Artists

Costa Rica Is renowned for its natural beauty, many of the landscapes and beautiful views here are so captivating because they remain untouched by man. However the country also has a wealth of inspiring artists that put their hand to creating many works that seem as fitting in the environment as some of the surrounding scenery. Though Costa Rica is generally thought to have an art scene that is typically underdeveloped compared to western countries, the art here is still inviting and the folk-like feel that comes with much of it just adds to its appeal. Here are some of the islands most recognised artists.

César Valverde Vega

In the late 1920’s Vega was born in El Carmen, San José where even at a young age artistry caught his eye. Learning to work with oils when he was young led to use with further materials one of which being silk screening which particularly captivated him. He went on to hone his craft studying at the Regional School of Art in England, and at the Corcoran School of Art in the state of Washington where he would further master his craft as a painter. His art uses colour and unique shapes to form recognisable images that resonate with his people. Often showing beautiful faces of modestly dressed women or children, he also has a knack for creating wondrously open landscapes. Today some of his works can be adored in San Jose’s Jade Museum amongst hundreds of other fantastic works.

Ibo Bonilla Oconitrillo

Known as a master sculptor, teacher and architect, professor Ibo as he is commonly known can do almost do anything and so has become a truly influential figure in Costa Rica’s art world. Its likely that if you have visited Costa Rice you have seen some of his sculptures as they take place in several spots including museum lobby’s and in parks. But even if you missed those, the likelihood that you have set your eyes upon his work are high thanks to the fact that his work as an architect is so prolific on the island. He has put his hand to developing not just 2 million square meters in residences but also public buildings including science centers, botanical gardens and more with emphasis on making structures eco friendly.

Francisco Amighetti

Another artists born in the capital, this time a student of the Academy of Fine arts, this artist is well known for his paintings although he did work with wood often. His wood cut prints are very recognisable with their bold monochrome colours and subject matter, which simulate life of a rural Costa Rican. Many animals, (often horses) farmers and more show a time stamp of what life was like on the island in a simpler time. Conversely his colour works range from very sharp lines and shapes to soft almost surreal materials. He is also renowned for his edgy subject matter as the infamous painting that was created for the presidential palace caused outrage, since the background hid a scene of someone being shot on the fields.