Wellness In Costa Rica

The Country of Costa Rica attracts tourists for several reasons not to mention the incredible wildlife, great surfing spots and tropical rainforests. If you are the type to prepare an itinerary of activities that will maximise your time on holiday then have at it, but if you are looking to actually relax while you are away there is another side to Costa Rica you may be interested in. With an abundance of nature and a climate that begs for you to take it easy, you may want to kick off your shoes and relax. Make sure you take advantage of the following for a truly restorative vacation.


Okay, it may not be exclusive to Costa Rica but the beaches here are beautiful. With the crystal-clear waters and white sands covering the coastlines here it is hard not to just sit and breathe in the wonderment. It’s a great way to begin your mission to unwind as getting some quality sun can be invigorating, especially if you are from a country that doesn’t have a lot of it. Beach massages are also available to help you hit that perfect state of calm.

Volcanic Mud

Something you won’t get everywhere is access to volcanic mud which is in abundance here in Costa Rica. There are several different opportunities for you to get this stuff all over you, several wellness centres on the island have their own pools of it. If you really want to get stuck in however there are natural sites where the warm clay can be sat in and painted all over your body. The mud is rich with a mixture of minerals that are fantastic for not just your skin but overall equilibrium.

Fresh Produce

You are probably used to heading to a supermarket for your fruit and vegetables, but you won’t be doing much of that in Costa Rica. Thanks to their rainforests and intense heat the crops that this place produces are plentiful and are easy to access. You will find several farmers selling their incredibly fresh wares in the streets which will be far denser with vitamins than the stuff that you buy at home. Experiment with foods you haven’t tried before and make sure you get a rainbow of colour in your bowl for the best health benefits.

Nature Walks
Nature Walks

Nature Walks

All the trees, rivers, and mountains here aren’t just great to look at, they are fantastic for tuning back into nature. Modern day living is well known for its synthetic environments whereby we spend so much time in artificial places with unnatural surroundings, all of this has been shown to create instability both mentally and physically. By returning to nature as is should be you can expect to see all manner of benefits that include reduced physical tension, stress reduction and a huge boost in your mood. Costa Rica offers various ways you can get up close and personal with the natural world, some of which you may do in simply sight-seeing, but natural spas, earthing (walking barefoot in the forest) and simply taking a wander through the forest here is sure to recharge you.