Why You’ll Love Costa Rica’s Volcanoes

When you think about Costa Rica their range of volcanoes may not be the first thing that pops into your head, this however is one of the country’s most incredible features. With 3 volcanic ranges that include around one hundred different volcanic formations, the country is literally bubbling with fiery activity from under the earth. Although you may be thinking that volcanoes are simply destructive hills, the natural benefits that volcanoes bring with them are numerous. From exceptionally fertile soils to humidity that lets forests thrive and of course a drastic change in topography which can benefit animals, plants and people alike, volcanoes are natural wonders that are definitely worth having. If you still aren’t convinced, maybe you need to take a trip to the top of one and see for yourself. Costa Rica has six well visited, featured volcanoes that have tours to help you ascend. Make your way up a living mountain and enjoy the following features on your trip.

Multiple Sites

Once you start working your way up to higher altitudes you will quickly appreciate just how many volcanoes are in the area. The scene of huge steep hills that weave their way around the greenery of the forests here make for a spectacle all on their own. Once you enjoy your first stroll up a mountain you will be glad to know that that there are plenty more here for you to enjoy and with different heights, pathways and peak features they really aren’t all the same.

Exciting Activity

What makes Costa Rica’s volcanoes so inviting is that several of them are still very active. This can be a little dangerous, but it is also a very exciting experience to see lava bubbling from the earths core out into the open in front of you. The Arenal was previously the most active in the country with multiple eruptions a year but has been quiet of recent, this could mean that more activity is on its way. From lashings of lava to billowing smoke and hot springs, the activity of these sites brings their own fascinating features that make your journey even more worthwhile. This is definitely the case with the Poás volcano which is the worlds largest open volcano. Here the huge crater at its center can be looked down on from the ridges that flank its sides all around.

Nature All Around

With all of the volcanoes requiring some effort to reach the top, the positive side effect here is that you get to enjoy the nature that surrounds them as you make your way up there. With National Parks surrounding most of them, you will be in the midst of the Costa Rican forests, covered by the canopy and surrounded by dense trees, all creating an experience of its own. Whether you walk up, or take a ride (donkey pulled carts are available at some locations) you will no doubt be enamored by the blissful jungle setting before you reach the top. And when you finally get to the apex you can breathe in the incredible views from the top.